What to Look for in a Model Mayhem Clone

Model Mayhem is considered to be a pinnacle example of what a model agency website can be. It offers excellent functionality while providing a comfortable environment which keeps users coming back for more. A quick glance at any freelance marketplace or developer forum instantly shows how popular this type of website is. In fact, many people refer to the scripts developed to run a modeling agency website as a Model Mayhem clone. Fortunately, it is no longer necessary to take the risk of working with a website developer via a freelance marketplace. A number of Model Mayhem clone scripts are now available online. Anyone looking to purchase one of these types of scripts needs to focus on six key characteristics in order to choose a script that will provide long-term value.

1. Open Source Solution

The first characteristic to consider when purchasing a Model Mayhem clone is whether or not it is open source. An open source solution is particularly important with this type of website because so many different modifications can be made. Additionally, in order for a new website to stand out there will need to be noticeable differences in either the layout or functionality to provide a unique benefit to users. An open source solution makes it easy for the website owner to tweak the code as well as integrate unique third-party applications to provide more value to users.

2. Continual Development

A common problem with using a freelance marketplace to get a Model Mayhem clone is ongoing support. If support is made available it often comes with a high price tag. When purchasing a Model Mayhem clone script it is critical to ensure support is provided for free for at least one year. This provides ample time to test the script and get help with any integration problems that may arise.

3. Easy to Get Started

There is no reason to spend months setting up a website similar to Model Mayhem if a clone script is readily available. In order to streamline the setup process it is important to ensure the script is easy to set up. A common way to achieve this is by purchasing a script that includes at least a handful of basic templates which can provide the framework for the website design.

4. Ability to Differentiate

There are a lot of different ways a website can differentiate itself from its competition. In fact, differentiation is a critical characteristic in order for a website to gain long-term profitability and a loyal user base. If a Model Mayhem clone is difficult to use or is reliant on encrypted code than there is little chance a new website owner will be able to visually differentiate themselves from any other Model Mayhem clone website

5. Lightweight

One of the benefits of using PHP when developing a Model Mayhem clone is that it is comparatively lightweight. This allows website owners to minimize website page loading time which is incredibly important with a model agency website because users often have a large number of images and/or videos which they want to display. With so many resource intensive items to upload it is critical the script itself is extremely lightweight.

6. Focus on User Experience

Finally, a Model Mayhem clone must emphasize user experience during the design phase. Many people choose a script simply because it is visually similar to the Model Mayhem website. While this may provide the visual layout they want, there is no guarantee it actually offers the unique features required to provide a positive user experience for everyone in the modeling industry. A quality Model Mayhem clone not only offers a solution which looks like the Model Mayhem website but also includes all of the unique functionality that has made it popular throughout the modelling industry.

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