PHP Model Agency Script

6 Pitfalls a Poorly Designed PHP Model Agency Script Creates

Model agency scripts have grown in demand as specific agencies no long dominate the website
landscape.  To attract the maximum amount of agencies, freelance models, and photographers new scripts emphasize networks and real-time social interaction. Unfortunately, many of the model agency scripts have a number of critical pitfalls which can significantly hamper the effectiveness and popularity of the website.

PHP Model Agency Script

Developer Pitfalls

The first three pitfalls directly affect the developer or webmaster of the website.

1. Not Having Open Source Access Hinders Flexibility

The best model agency scripts are designed so developers can easily modify it to meet their needs. A common pitfall of many scripts is that they have encrypted source codes. This not only limits the creative freedom of the website developer but it can also limit functionality if there are 3rd party

integration issues.

2. No Pre-Built Templates Makes Startup Difficult

Another common pitfall of a model agency script is the lack of built-in templates. While developers and designers want to alter a script to meet their individual needs, a pre-built template is necessary to act as a foundation for those alterations.

3. Licensing Restrictions Result in Excess Costs

A final problem, especially for web designers building a model agency site for clients, is overly restrictive licensing restrictions. While some restrictions are to be expected a lack of developer or unlimited site license makes some model agency scripts too expensive over the long-term.

User Pitfalls

The second set of pitfalls is tied to the end user experience. It doesn’t matter how easy a script is to use on the back-end if it does not provide an optimal front-end experience for users.

4. Not Allowing Users to Fully Utilize Their Profile

There are a growing number of ways a model or agency can adapt their profile to meet their needs. A lack of features, especially the ability to leverage blog posts, videos, and galleries limits how effective a profile can be at garnering attention from others on the site.

5. Difficult Connecting With Others

Another problem with some model agency scripts is how difficult it can be for users to connect and interact. This is particularly true if the website is aimed at providing real-time interaction. Outside of model agency website model the effects of this issue has been clearly demonstrated through the massive amount of failed social networking platforms.

6. Not Appealing to Both Talent and Agencies

A key pitfall that is easily overlooked in the beginning is whether or not a script provides the framework for a website that will be appealing to both agencies and talent (models and photographers). Agencies want to be able to search for new talent and be able to quickly connect to them when needed. On the other hand, the talent wants to have a variety of tools at their disposal to stand out. If the model agency script is not designed to meets the needs of both groups, the website will eventually fail.

There are a lot of variables to consider when comparing the available model agency scripts, but quickly eliminating any which have any of the above pitfalls is a simple way to trim the list and eliminate future complications.

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